Cable laying of engineering systems of "Asia Stroy Innovation" LLP

The company "Asia Stroy Innovation" LLP offers organizations and enterprises of Astana the services for laying underground communications by the method of HDD - horizontal directional drilling.

We have been working on the HDD market for more than 10 years, we issue all the necessary executive documentation for the delivery of the object.

We have a modern fleet of equipment and machinery of the HDD; A staff of specialists who have extensive experience in laying communications in a trenchless way, both under natural barriers in the form of ravines, rivers, lakes, and in the city, including large cities such as Astana.

Functional features of the HDD and the advantages of this method

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is an alternative to the trench method, which is traditionally used in the construction of communications. The construction of any engineering system includes the laying of a pipeline, which in turn is associated with a large amount of excavation. Such a technique has a number of significant drawbacks. Despite the availability of powerful technology, the creation of trenches requires a lot of time, which leads to an increase in the timing of the project.

Carrying out ground works causes serious discomfort, especially if the laying of communications is carried out in a densely populated city or district. It takes a long time to block the passage of cars and the movement of pedestrians, as they will interfere with the operation of equipment, make changes to the timetable and the route of public transport. This is not only extremely inconvenient for all residents living in the construction zone and traffic participants, but also entails a significant increase in the operational load on certain sections of the transport routes, contributes to the creation of emergency situations. In addition, large-scale excavation worsens the aesthetic appearance of the territory, which in many cases is completely unacceptable, since tourist or nature protection facilities, cultural, historical and social facilities can be located in the construction zone, etc. This is why in Moscow and other large cities of our country the HDD is actively used in conditions of dense construction in order to minimize all negative consequences.

Ground works cause serious financial damage to the infrastructure. Considerable sums will be required to restore highways, railways and other objects damaged by trenching. Making a puncture under the road using a drilling complex will not have to block traffic and spend money to eliminate the negative consequences of repairs.

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